Police issued two fixed penalty notices to men allegedly using a motor vehicle elsewhere other than on a road at Irvine Beach Park.

Officers responded on Saturday, March 4, and say with better weather they expect a rise in complaints regarding the antisocial and illegal use of quad bikes and off-road motorcycles in local communities.

Police say the illegal and antisocial use of motorised vehicles in the Beach Park area has been highlighted as a concern and remind residents that they need the direct permission of the land owner . 

Police are advising residents that they can’t ride quads or off-road bikes on wasteland or public land and that the council owns most recreational areas including parks and nature areas and it is unlikely they would give permission for use in these areas.

Constable Stewart of Roads Policing said: “Police in North Ayrshire are stepping up patrols in the area of Irvine Beach Park following an increase in complaints from members of the public about the illegal and antisocial use of off road vehicles in the area.

"In some areas the use of motor vehicles can have a detrimental effect on the environment and wildlife.

“The law is clear – the only places where off road vehicles can lawfully be ridden is on private land with the direct permission of the land owner or at an organised, supervised off road centre. We strongly recommend that riders wear full protective clothing at all times including a helmet which fits correctly and is securely fastened.”

Anyone with concerns or specific queries canontact police by calling 101 (in an emergency always dial 999).