Irvine based rock band The Fall of Eve have filmed a new video for their latest single, If Even Angels Fall.

The Symphonic metal band’s popularity has steadily risen since their formation in 2011 with fans crowdfunding their first album, Calls from the Horizon, in 2013 and their second album, Eternal Embrace, in 2015.

Now the band, consisting of Evangeline on vocals, Michael Moffat on guitar, Harry Butler on bass, Panos Rodopoulos on drums and Philip Morrison on orchestration, have received funding from Creative Scotland’s Open Project Fund towards a music video for their new single and title track of their new album.

Evangeline said: “We try to ensure that our music videos are filmed at locations within Ayrshire and so when we were offered the chance to film a night shoot in the derelict Barony St. John church in Ardrossan, we jumped at the chance.”

“The new CD and the videos and have received great feedback from fans and critics alike. We have seen a massive spike in both our views and subscribers since the last release."

The church, which is owned by The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety, has been derelict since 2010 and the charity has commissioned a feasibility study to see if the building could be converted into an Events Centre.

Executive Manager of the charity, Alan Bell, added: “It made a great venue for the music video. It’s very atmospheric, particularly at night.”

The Fall of Eve’s last video was filmed in the Trinity Church in Irvine and has so far received over 113,000 views.