Cunninghame South has a wide selection of new Scottish Youth Parliament candidates for the upcoming election.

Young people aged 14-25 can vote for their preferred candidate up until March 17.

Thousands are expected to make their vote count during the election fortnight.

Young people aged 12 to 25 will be able to cast a vote for their favourite in secondary schools, colleges and youth centres throughout North Ayrshire using a Young Scot card or an allocated temporary number.

The results will then be announced by North Ayrshire’s returning officer, Elma Murray, at St Matthew’s Academy on Friday, March 17. 

Although six people are standing, only two will be elected as MSYPs.

The candidates are David Dunlop, who said: “I feel that it is vitally important that young people’s views are represented at National level as many young people feel alienated by the MSPs and MPs and that their views don’t get taken seriously and that is why I want to stand for election.

John Snoddy said: “To create a positive representation for all young people and tackle the inequalities we all face daily.”

Emily Nix said: “If elected, my priorities would be human rights, education and health and well-being; these are three things that I am passionate about, and know that many of my peers share an interest in these topics.”

Olivia Hughes said: “The work I want to do if elected is to discover young peoples views, I am just one young person of many in my constituency and I hope to be the voice of these views.”

Chloè Robertson said: “I thought I should ask what the constituents thought. I made a survey which asked the question, and the results were clear that Poverty and Income Inequality, Education and Health and Well-being were the most favourable. In Irvine and Kilwinning, a third of children are living in poverty. If elected, I would strive to lower this statistic.”

Aaran McDonald said: “I would like to be a MSYP in our local area because I want all young people to have a strong and passionate voice especially those who have for too long felt they have none.”