NORTH Ayrshire Labour say they’re set to bring down local people’s energy bills if re-elected this May.

The current Labour administration has agreed to establish a Municipal Energy Company.

The ‘White Label’ energy product will be available to all residents and businesses in North Ayrshire.

The product will provide a not for profit alternative to the big six energy companies.

If re-elected, Labour say they plan to offer the reduced energy packages later this year.

Speaking about the plans, Labour Leader Joe Cullinane said: “Britain’s energy market is broken with the big six energy suppliers controlling energy prices which only ever seem to rise.

“Our product will be different – there will be no private shareholders or director’s bonuses, there will only be low and competitive energy tariffs available to all households and businesses.

“Labour’s Municipal Energy product will intervene in the market, providing a not-for profit alternative to ensure that energy prices come down in North Ayrshire.

“Labour’s plan will help tackle fuel poverty, save hard press families money and assist local businesses. There is no one in North Ayrshire who won’t be able to benefit from it.”

Valerie Reid, one of Labour’s candidates for Saltcoats, said: “Working in housing for a local authority I see every day the financial strain that high energy bills can have on families. I am delighted that a Labour Council in North Ayrshire will intervene to support local families – it is the sort of bold step that is needed.”