Labour council candidate Ian Clarkson and MP Philippa Whitford are going head to head, at Irvine Beach, to raise money for the Ayrshire Hospice and Cash for Kids.

They have agreed to “go for a swim” off Irvine Beach, tomorrow on Easter Saturday, at 11am, to raise much needed cash for the two charities.

Candidate Ian Clarkson said: “During the recent Civic Pride Awards, I challenged Philippa to come for a swim in Irvine, as she had done it previously in Prestwick, and she has agreed.

"I will have “home advantage”, so I’m feeling good – I think!

"It would be good to see other people coming along too, and taking part, and enjoying the Challenge.

"It is good and a wee bit of fun, that politicians, from different Parties, can work together for the good of the people in their area.  

"Hopefully, I can add to the £17,000 already collected for Cash for Kids at the Provost’s Awards.”

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