Labour candidate Ian Clarkson and the SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford MP went head-to-head at Irvine Beach over the weekend to raise money for two charities.

After a challenge from Mr Clarkson at the recent Civic Pride Awards, the Labour and SNP rivals both agreed to get in the sea on Easter Saturday to raise much needed cash for the Ayrshire Hospice and Cash for Kids.

Candidate Ian Clarkson told the Irvine Times: “It was cold, and it was wet, and it was very challenging, but I am delighted I managed it.

“The winners are Cash for Kids and the Ayrshire Hospice, who benefitted by hundreds of pounds.

“It is good that politicians, from different parties, can come together for the good of their communities.

“My sincere thanks to all my supporters, who assisted and pushed me – literally – to complete the challenge.

“Thanks specially to all who donated, or wish to donate.”
Dr Philippa Whitford said: “The weather wasn’t as nice as we’d hoped, but the rain and the hailstones managed to stay off for the duration, albeit the blustery winds certainly made their 
presence felt. 
“Having reached my sponsorship target, I was obligated to wear my Easter Bunny suit, which was brilliantly matched by the Provost who turned up in a Pokemon outfit.

“The initial plan was to run in, dip, then run straight back out, but the waves were quite large and kept pulling us back in!

“It was all good fun though and my thanks to all those who have sponsored us thus far, those who came out to cheer us on, and to Coastwatch for providing hot soup and for being on hand to administer first aid which, thankfully, wasn’t required. My thanks to all of you for your generous donations to an institution that has helped so many patients and families. 

You can still donate by visiting or