The NHS has come under fire after allowing a 90-year-old woman to be discharged from hospital without a proper care plan.

Age Concern activist Betty Weir has blasted the service saying: “I’m just disgusted at the way she has been treated.”

The pensioner had suffered a heart attack and, after a spell in hospital, she was discharged from Crosshouse on June 29.

She was left to be looked after by her nephew, his wife, and next door neighbour until Tuesday July 4, when she was finally assessed by the care team.

The assessment only happened after her nephew’s wife called the council to find out what was happening.

She will now be receiving care for half an hour per day, from Friday July 7, whenever the care team can get to her until July 17, when a more structured care plan will be in place.

The Dreghorn resident has had to call a doctor to her home twice since her discharge because she is still very poorly.

The NHS Ayrshire and Arran have a logbook, to guide patients on what to expect. On page five, it states: “You will be discharged from hospital when you and the team caring for you have discussed and arranged any services or equipment you will need when you are home. We aim to discharge patients during the morning.”

The 90-year-old was left waiting until 5.45pm on the day of her release for medication from the pharmacy.

Betty Weir from Irvine Age Concern group said: “The hospital are to blame for the horrible way this lady has been treated.

“She should never have been released from the hospital without a care plan being in place.

“A doctor has had to go and see her twice since she has been home, because she is still very poorly. She really needs someone in the morning to help her make a cup of tea, and someone to check on her later. She also needs help to be showered.

“I’m just disgusted at the way she has been treated, yes the elderly are living longer, but they still deserve our attention and care and it did not happen here.

“How many more people have been left like this? It is entirely unacceptable.”

Liz Moore, Director for Acute Services said: “NHS Ayrshire & Arran takes all patients’ feedback, comments, concerns or complaints very seriously.

“While we cannot comment on individual patients, we would encourage the patient or her representative to contact us directly with any concerns about her care or treatment.

“This is the only way that we can properly involve her in the process and provide feedback.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership, said: “We take the safety and wellbeing of our residents very seriously. While we do not comment on matters relating to individual service users, it is the norm that when someone who is in hospital has been assessed as requiring care and support to return home, a referral will be made to our Care at Home team.

“Our team will then confirm to the hospital staff the start date of the care package so the person’s discharge arrangements can be confirmed.

“However, if a referral from the hospital isn’t made and instead a care request is received from concerned family or friends on the individual’s returning home, our Care at Home team will carry out a home visit to identify any care needs. If care is required, we endeavour to get care arrangements in place as quickly as possible.”