TWO South African golfers playing in the Scottish Open last week spoke of their strong faith when they attended a special meeting in Fullarton Parish Church Connexions.

Hennie Otto and Dean Burmester were joined for a chat with Ken Revie, a golf professional in Ballymena, Northern Ireland and the official chaplain to the European Tour for Talk on the Tour last Tuesday.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Hennie admitted he had strayed badly off the path and when he was at a tournament in Loch Lomond realised he had been a "bad boy" and was drinking too much. It was at that point he decided he had to totally change his ways and asked Jesus Christ into his life. He said there was much more to life than winning money and having a faith made him a much more complete person.

He also revealed how he spoke to players about his faith and at one point opened up to Tiger Woods, who was having a tough time. However it appeared the American star didn't want to get involved in that area.

Ken said he had been a Christian for more than three decades now and that he enjoyed spreading the Word on the European Tour - with more players seeking him out individually for support.

Dean, who is one of the upcoming players on the tour, said getting married had changed his outlook. He had been going to Church and signing without really meaning it. However he found meaning to it and became a committed Christian.

The two golfers said they always attended church services where possible during tournaments. However due to timing the only occasions they could really go along would be if they had missed a cut and were not involved in the final two days.

The trio then took a number of questions from the audience about both their faith and golf.

Fullarton Church minister the Rev Neil Urquhart said: "The event went well and thanks to everyone for coming along."