A parcel delivery driver and his girlfriend have admitted to stealing packages belonging to Hermes which were meant to be distributed to customers across North Ayrshire.

Graeme Neil MacNair and Donna Jones, both of Bonnyton Foot, Irvine, pleaded guilty to one charge at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

The court heard that at the time of the theft, MacNair, 49, had been working as a delivery driver at a parcel depot in Irvine for a few months.

MacNair attended the depot on July 5 and picked up 52 packages which were to be delivered to customers on that day.

Later in the day, the depot manager checked the system and noticed nothing had been delivered.

He was concerned and contacted MacNair, whom he noticed seemed to be under the influence of alcohol.

An employee from the company attended MacNair’s home and noticed that packages from the company were in his vehicle.

MacNair informed the man that he had stolen the items and that he had already sold some of them on.

A search property warrant at the house recovered a number of items but the court heard that a number of parcels still remain outstanding.

It was not stated in court exactly what role Jones, 53, had played in the theft.

Defending Jones, solicitor Simon Brown said that there was “no mention of anything high value” among the stolen items, apart from a set of curling tongs and a hoover, which had since been recovered from a pawn shop.

MacNair’s solicitor Peter Murray added that it was “a serious matter” but stressed that his client had cooperated fully with the police.

Sheriff Alistair Watson said that the issue for MacNair was “the breach of trust”.

He called for a Criminal Justice Social Work Report and a Restriction of Liberty Order to be carried out on the couple.

Sheriff Watson said: “I want to know more about you and what’s going on here, your background. What would make you do something like this?

“In times past when post was not delivered it was considered a serious crime to interfere with the Royal Mail.

“You may be working for a private contractor, it doesn’t make any difference. It is a very serious matter.”

MacNair and Jones received bail and were ordained to appear back at the court for sentencing on August 29.