Cunninghame South Member for the Scottish Youth Parliament has blasted anti-teen ‘Mosquito devices’ as a “gross and awful breach of young people’s rights”.

Aaran has demanded to ban the so called “Mosquito Devices”, which emit a high-frequency sound only audible to under-25s to stop them loitering, and called on officials ensure they aren’t used in North Ayrshire.

Aaran said: “These devices are horrific, it is a piercing sound which isn’t just annoying but really quite sore.

“These devices are indiscriminate! “Whether you are loitering or causing trouble or not you will be affected by it.

“The UN has spoken out against them as has the United Nations Human Rights Convention as well as the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People, Bruce Adamson and of course the Scottish Youth Parliament has been campaign for their ban for years.

“Not only that but it has been ruled that these devices breach the European Human Rights Convention and could breach anti-torture laws.

“If this was a device used to indiscriminately target older person there would be an outrage but it seem society has resigned to accept these vile devices and doesn’t care about the impact it has on young people and children.

“This has to change and I won’t stand for these devices being used in our area. It’s time to end this brutal device and respect the rights of our children and young people.”

Aaran has written to North Ayrshire Council Leader Cllr Joe Cullinane, North Ayrshire Council CEO Elma Murray, Local MPs Patricia Gibson and Dr Philippa Whitford, Local MSP Ruth Maguire and Police Scotland’s Chief Inspector Brian Shaw urging them to remove any devices they use and to encourage them to join the campaign against them.