Irvine residents are warned to stay out the Magnum site after repeated incidents of people breaking into the fenced off demolition site.

Police told the Irvine Times on Wednesday there has been non-stop reports of incidents since the demolition work began on the much missed Magnum.

Sergeant Jason Peter said: "Every night we're getting umpteen reports of peope entering the building.

"It is quite unsafe. It would appear it's the nostalgia perhaps. It's all age ranges, it's not just teenagers finding the need to enter the building.

"The team have been deployed to try and get hold of people and prevent them from entering it.

"The advice is it is unsafe any building site is unsafeWe will be discussing with contractors how we will police it."

Contractors have recently commenced demolition of the former Magnum Leisure Centre at Irvine's Beach Park with works at the site expected to continue to December.

Following reports of unauthorised people accessing the site Police Scotland are today reminding residents and visitors of the risks associated with entering demolition sites and other derelict buildings.

Officers have since met with contractors and security staff at the site and will be increasing patrols in the area.

On Friday Sergeant Jason Peter said: "Entering building sites, demolition sites or other derelict buildings is inherently dangerous - they often contain hazards, machinery, deep pits, falling objects and uneven ground.

"While many people hold fond memories of the Magnum this is no excuse for entering the demolition site and risking your safety or that of others. We would encourage parents and carers to remind children of this message and speak with them about the risks involved in entering a demolition site.

"We have met with Contractors and Security Staff at the site and will be increasing our patrols in the area."

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “We would urge anyone to stay away from the site and will continue to work with the contractors and Police Scotland to ensure the demolition can be completed in a safe and controlled manner."