A MAN is behind bars after claiming he found a shotgun while out walking his dog.

Jason Strachan had the weapon after apparently making the discovery in woods near his home in Kilwinning.

The 37 year-old later showed it off to a teenage boy – who told his mum and police were alerted.

It led to officers finding a haul of firearms at his flat including the shotgun, air rifles and grenades.

Strachan now faces a minimum five years in jail after he pled guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to possessing the weapons.

He was remanded in custody pending sentencing next month.

The court heard how a 15 year-old boy often visited Strachan at his home around February this year.

He went on to show the teenager three air rifles, a crossbow and metal arrows that accompanied it.

Strachan told the boy another one time that he had something “quite cool” to let him see.

Prosecutor Owen Mullan said: “He showed the boy a plastic bag and a tube.

“A sawn off shotgun was in the tube. He also produced a grenade and a yellow shotgun cartridge.

“The boy states Strachan told him not to say anything to anyone.”

But, over the next few weeks, the youngster realised Strachan had been “manipulative” and that the shotgun and grenade were “dangerous”.

It also emerged Strachan had showed another child a grenade and bullets while a third youngster was given a lesson on how to shoot with an airgun.

In April this year, the boy's mum went to police after her son spoke to her.

Officers raided Strachan's flat and went on to find firearms including the shotgun in his loft.

Bullets had been inside Pringles snack tubs.

As well as the shotgun and ammunition, police seized four air rifles and grenades used by the British armed forces.

The court heard claims the shotgun had been discovered in woods beside Strachan's home.

His lawyer Laura Reilly said: “He was out walking his dog...the pet was out snuffling around and found a carrier bag.

“An item was found that was a gun. Curiosity got the better of Mr Strachan and he took the item home. He put it in his loft.”

Lord Beckett deferred sentencing for reports.