Complaints have been raised from Fullarton high flat residents after uncertainty over roofing work from the council.

Following the completion of work on Lugton Court, Alec Younger, from the Fullarton Tenants Association, received a letter from North Ayrshire Council’s area housing manager saying similar re-roofing work will not be carried out on the other four blocks.

It said the reason given was due to the council receiving no complaints, which Mr Younger said is not true.

He added that it is wrong to leave tenants suffering dampness and water ingress after only re roofing one block.

Speaking at Irvine Community Council's August meeting, Alec Younger said: “Lugton Court has been re-roofed, as a test case supposed to be, for the rest of the flats.

“I’ve had a letter from David Dunlop from the housing department stating that Lugton Court is now secure from water ingress and all sorts – well we’ve no had a bad winter so they don’t really know yet.

“But there will be no further reroofing done because there’s been no complaints from the other four blocks.

Now that is not true because we submitted 24 names from the Tenant’s Association three years ago from different people in different flats, so we’ll be having an argument about that shortly.

“If the major works doesn’t get underway with Jim Purvis and company then we have to get this sorted out and clarified.

“I know people who have been living in the same length of time as the Lugton Court people who are in total dampness and have to redecorate three or four times a year because of water ingress, and yet they’re saying that there have been no complaints from other flats – that is wrong.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Works to Lugton Court were carried out in August 2016 and it was agreed the block would be monitored for a 12-month period to access the effectiveness of the works.”

He added: “We are currently analysing the information we have and, as part of this exercise, assessing whether similar works should be carried out in the other four blocks.”

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