The most hyped sporting spectacle of the year won't be screened publicly in Irvine or Kilwinning after two pub's plans were knocked out by North Ayrshire licensing board.

Irvine’s Bar Sport put ambitious plans before the board to stay open from 3am to 10am on Sunday, August 27 to screen the Conor McGregor v Floyd Mayweather fight for boxing fans.

However plans to stay open to screen the fight were rejected by the board due to safety concerns and neither of the fighters having connection to the local area.

Plans were also put forward for Home Bar in Kilwinning to extend its hours to show the fight - but these were also rejected by the board after concerns over its earlier 7am closing time.

Bar Sport asked to extend its licence to allow the venue to screen the fight as a ticket-only event with around 300 on sale.

This would have allowed North Ayrshire residents without pay per view the chance to see the heavily built-up bout in a public bar.

Police Scotland objected to the plans on the basis of ‘preventing crime and disorder and preventing public nuisance’.

“The applicant seeks to trade between 0300 hours and 1000 hours Sunday August 27 for the purpose of showing a live televised boxing match taking place in the United States of America.

“Neither of the boxers are UK nationals nor do they have any local connection to North Ayrshire.

“Police Scotland does not consider a boxing match to be such a special event or occasion.”

Rosemary Reid of Bar Sport said: “The people who have asked us about the fight are not only from Irvine and not people coming for Marymass, so it won’t be people who have been at the bar drinking all day.

“We have had a lot of interest as apparently there is nowhere else showing it apart from Glasgow, but there are a lot of places down south in England who are showing the fight.

“I would question that a major sporting event has to be a UK national or event with a connection to North Ayrshire. This boxing match is considered one of the major sporting events of the year, it’s not just a local event.

“I have to question why if this is something that can happen throughout the UK why is it not something that can happen in North Ayrshire?

Manager Alexander Harper said: “We have three door stewards on a Friday, four on a Saturday which is a lot more than others in the surrounding area. Customers come because they feel safe in our premises.

“Anyone turns up intoxicated whether they’ve got a ticket or not, they don’t get in. The rules will be no different than any other day on the premises

Asked when the boxing match starts, it was explained there’s no way to know with so many fights beforehand.

Rosemary Reid added: “We are a dedicated Sports Bar which is why this is something that’s a big deal for us.

“We have capacity to seat 300 but we’re happy to accept any conditions you feel might be more suitable. It’s a large area, everywhere you sit you will be able to see a television.

After deliberation from the board, independent councillor Robert Barr said: “Going by our policies regarding public health and public nuisance I am moving that we refuse the application.”

This was seconded by Independent Cllr Donald L Reid.

In support of the application Labour Cllr John Easdale said: “Given what’s described to us this morning and what we see in front of us I move that we accept the application. The couple in front of us are well organised, I can’t see anything wrong."

However, with no seconder to the amendment it was moved that the application was refused.

Chair cllr Ronnie McNicol: “I’m sorry but in this occasion we’re going with the police in regards to wanting to prevent crime and disorder and public health. The English laws are very different to Scottish laws I’m afraid.

“We’re not putting you off applying again for maybe something with more local interest of Scottish interest. We know your premises are well run, we appreciate that but in this case I’m sorry but we refuse the application."

An application was also put forward for Home Bar in Kilwinning to remain open from 1am to 7am to screen the fight.

Police again objected on the ground of preventing crime and disorder and preventing public nuisance, and the event having no local significance.

Police also commented they were unconvinced by the application that there was any great demand for the fight to be screened.

“It could result in Police Scotland having to arrange additional resources to manage patrons at a time of increased police demand linked to the Marymass festival.”

Cllr John Easdale questioned the hours saying: ”We’ve heard there’s no idea when this boxing match will finish, what makes you think it will finish between 6am and 7am? There’s other fights before it, what if the fight’s not even started?

After deliberation from the board, Cllr Robert Barr said: “As previous in regards to public health and safety and listening to the report from the police, and the hours as well, I would move to refuse."

The move was seconded by Cllr Donald L Reid and with no amendments in favour the application was refused.