The spotlight was on Greenwood Academy this week when the school received significant funding for its innovative Furniture Upcycling project from DYW (Developing Young Workforce) Ayrshire and the Prince’s Trust.

The initial concept is to establish a fully equipped furniture upcycling facility at the school.

It will provide furniture restoration as part of a project aimed at enhancing pupils’ employability by providing vocational training and appropriate communication and business skills.

The upcycling will be established in a dedicated facility within the school.

In the first year, 12 Greenwood pupils will take part in the project.

Claire Baird the DYW Ayrshire Project Executive presented the DYW cheque and Walter Smith, Prince’s Trust Chair Ayrshire presented the individual Prince’s Trust Development awards to the group of pupils, who will immediately benefit from the awards.

The pupils were supported by Mrs McGuire, Greenwood Head Teacher and Mr Brotherwood, Craft and Design Teacher The major new initiative Developing Young Workforce is about ensuring a work relevant educational experience for our young people.

The DYW and Prince’s Trust funding will allow the school to purchase the equipment required for the upcycling facility and provide the training for the pupils.

Mrs McGuire said: “This is another significant initiative for Greenwood Academy.

“We are absolutely delighted to receive the DYW and Prince’s Trust funding to support our employability skills programmes.”

“The finance comes from the Scottish Government Youth Employment Initiative and the Scottish Government Cash Back for Kids Programme.

“It is great to see young people benefitting from this.”

Claire and Walter added: “This will help continue to develop Greenwood Academy’s drive to develop Employability Skills.”