An Irvine dad who has beaten cancer twice has raise more than £3,000 by Braving the Shave.

Bob Farquhar shaved his head on Sunday to raise money for other cancer victims after being struck with the disease twice in the last six years

The 58-year-old grandfather had his voice box removed earlier this year after being diagnosed with larynx cancer just six years after overcoming cancer of the prostate.

The construction supervisor underwent throat surgery in April to have his full voice box removed and a stoma fitted to allow him to still be able to speak.

But despite all he has been through himself, Bob decided to raise money for other victims of the disease and at an event organised by daughter Claire McCrae at Sassy’s salon where she works, bob managed to bring the community together and raise £3039.78.

Some joined Bob in getting their heads shaved whilst others opted for the more painful option of a charity leg wax.

Claire said Bob and everyone at the salon are delighted with the result. She said: “We had an excellent turn out.

We raised £1030.18 on the day in Sassy’s and my dad’s Just Giving page raised £2,009.60.

“We want to thank everyone who came and donated to the day. Thanks to Balloon Creations who donated our balloons, Chameleon Graphics who did our banners and posters and Vanilla Joe’s who donated ice cream.

“Also huge thanks to everyone who baked cakes and tablet. We had a brilliant day.”