A woman has been remanded in custody for putting a security officer at risk by denying she had any sharp objects on her when she actually possessed needles.

Carla McLymont, of Hawthorn Court in Kilwinning, admitted putting the woman at risk of injury and infection at Saltcoats Police Office after assaulting a police constable while on bail.

McLymont pled guilty to four charges at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week.

Her pleas of not guilty to two other charges were accepted by the prosecutor.

McLymont, 35, had been granted bail at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court in October of last year with the condition that she remain within her home address during certain hours.

On November 14 McLymont failed without reasonable excuse to comply with her bail condition in that she was not within her home when police called.

On April 3 at Kilwinning’s Main Street, McLymont shouted, swore and acted aggressively.

She also assaulted a policeman on duty at the same time and place and kicked him on the body.

On the same date at Saltcoats Police Station, McLymont was asked by a security officer on duty if she had anything sharp upon her person.

McLymont culpably or recklessly failed to disclose that she had a number of capped needles in her purse and jacket and one uncapped used needle in her purse, thereby placing the security officer at risk of injury and infection.

Sentence was deferred until the end of the month as McLymont had other matters calling.

She was remanded in custody, bail having been refused.