CUNNINGHAME South MSP Ruth Maguire condemned the roll out of Universal Credit across Scotland in a Holyrood debate last week.

Parties from across the chamber, excluding the Scottish Conservatives, blasted the ‘shambolic’ rollout of Universal Credit on Thursday September 7, and called on the UK Government to halt the process.

Universal Credit is replacing six means-tested benefits with a single household payment.

The roll-out has seen delayed payments, driving people into debt, rent arrears and eviction – and leaving people reliant on foodbanks.

Ruth Maguire said: “Like during the two child cap and rape clause debate back in April, when most of the Parliament united to condemn the ‘welfare reform’ of the UK Tories, the Scottish Tories are attempting once again to defend the indefensible and it is showing.

“We are seeing increased foodbank use, homelessness, and people driven to take their own lives due to delayed payments and callous treatment at the hands of the welfare system that it supposed to be there to support them.

“The Tories must act immediately to pause the rollout of Universal Credit.

“This will not undo the severe damage that has already been done – damage for which there can be no apologies great enough – but it would prevent further avoidable damage from taking place.”