FEARS have been raised that a former pub is a dangerous fire hazard after a spate of break-ins.

Irvine community councillors are concerned about the sorry state of the former Ruby Tuesdays site, with the former boozer now left derelict for nearly a decade.

And community councillor Jackie Frew warned: “It’s going to end up the same as that building that went on fire in Bank Street.”

Demands that North Ayrshire Council make a Compulsory Purchase Order on the privately-owned site have been repeated after previous requests for action by both Irvine Community Council and its former MP Brian Donohoe never materialised.

Sgt Jason Peter told the meeting last week that police keep having to deal with numerous incidents at the former pub.

He said: “Quite often we have been attending the property with attempts to break into it, someone gaining entry or causing damage. Quite often the council has come out to make it secure for safety.

Jackie Frew added: “If anything really untoward happens, there is a responsibility lying with somebody. It’s wasting public funds with police being called out.

“There’s scope for something to be done in a positive manner, at the moment it’s lying in limbo. It’s no good for anybody at all in the area.

Chair June Niven said: “We did push it but the council are digging their heels for whatever reason.”

Community councillors have frequently raised the issue, with the chair describing it as an ‘eyesore’ for the area two years ago, prior to community councillor Jim Jackson questioning police over recent entrances forced into the property last week.

In 2015 June Niven said: “There was talk of a Compulsory Purchase Order but nothing has materialised. I think that’s exactly what needs to happen.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “While we are always looking at regeneration opportunities, there is nothing planned for Ruby Tuesdays at this moment.

“A CPO could be considered but the council would require to have alternative proposals in place, the implementation of which would need to be in the public interest.

“Compulsory purchase cannot be ruled out but at this moment there is no CPO in place.

“We are still there from time to time, following requests from police, and have made the building safe and boarded it up on occasion.”