AN IRVINE mum has sparked a huge online debate blasting council bosses for the lack for facilities for the town’s teenagers.

Pauline Tremble posted about her disappointment and disgust in North Ayrshire Council for failing to provide amenities for Irvine teenagers leaving them no choice but to loiter around a fast food restaurant.

Pauline’s emotional post, which came on the back of frustrations over council participation in Marymass, has touched a nerve with the people of Irvine and been shared 322 times, received more than 300 comments and 1,200 likes in just two days.

The mum-of-four, who runs her own facepainting business Face Paint Fairies, has taken the council to task over them letting “Marymass and Irvine die” demanding they “hang their heads in shame”.

Pauline who volunteers every year to help put the Marymass Festival together, said: “I am so disgusted with Irvine council it hurts.

“I watch them every year use Marymass to their advantage to show off to guests and visitors.

“The Marymass girls and parents often overlooked in their eagerness to impress overseas visitors.

“Meanwhile they are slowly passing everything on to volunteers. It’s the biggest festival in Scotland and it’s dying, but hey so is Irvine.

“No wonder young people drink. No wonder EVERYONE drinks!

“Irvine council’s legacy is to ensure young people in Irvine have NOWHERE to socialise.

“Anyone who lives here knows the big meeting place for young people is McDonald’s.

“Why is there no cinema? No bowling alley? No ice or roller skating rink, No running track, youth centres or large sports facility where young people can hang in out of the cold and rain and be safe?

“The Portal is fine to pop in and out of but it has no where for kids to mingle and meet up. How are our kids supposed to learn how to interact, socialise when there is NOWHERE for them to go in this town?

“Who is answerable? Hang your heads in shame the lot of you.

“Irvine council is renowned for entering competitions that few others do so that they can win pointless awards and brag they’re the best council in Scotland....its all just bull***t and the people of Irvine know it.”

But a North Ayrshire Council Spokesman said they work closely with Marymass organisers to ensure the event is a success and invited Pauline to raise any concerns with them directly.

He said: “We are sorry that Pauline feels this way. Marymass is a fantastic community event and we work closely with the committee to try and make it the best event possible for everyone.

“We liaise with the committee throughout and will again meet with them after to find out what worked well and how things can be improved for 2018.

“We have already had a lot of positive feedback.

“With regard to Pauline’s other comments, if she has any particular issues these can be raised directly with the hardworking teams.”