An Irvine sports bar's plans for opening upstairs were approved, with council planners also granting permission for a beer garden.

Bar Sport had asked to extend the licence to allow for a separate function suite on the first floor - for birthdays, weddings or meet-and-geet nights with sport stars.

Bar Sport's plans for a beer garden to the rear of the premises were also validated by North Ayrshire Council on Wednesday, August 30.

Permission was granted for the erection of retaining walls and fences in rear yard to form two terraces for an outdoor area for drinking and smoking.

The licence was also extended to allow a second outdoor drinking area on a roof terrace and amend licence conditions to serve breakfasts from 8am.

On Monday, August 28, licensee Rosemary Reid told the Licensing Board: “Upstairs will be a separate function suite, it won’t be open to the public.

"It’s only going to be open whenever there is a function on. It won’t be the same idea as downstairs."

After previous plans to stay open 3am-7am to screen the big McGregor v Mayweather boutlast week were refused, the board unanomously accepted the variation to the licence.

They also warmly praised the pub's investment in the town, after two of the board visited the popular High Street pub the week before.

Councillor Scott Gallacher said it was easy to envisage the plans after the visit and proposed the board grant the application, which was seconded by Councillor Donald L Reid.

Councillor Ronnie McNicol said: “We did attend last Friday and I was very impressed with your premises. I must commend you on it.

"We welcome the investment in the area. I know you didn’t get to see the boxing, but we agree and wish you all the best."