A rammy on a front lawn resulted in a man breaking someone’s jaw and the occupant of the property scaring people by pointing an air gun at them.

Irvine’s John Kirkwood, 40, assaulted and injured a man during a fight on Scott Baird’s front lawn in Stevenston’s Glencairn Gardens on June 5 last year.

During the scuffle, Baird came out his door and aimed an air weapon at five witnesses.

Kirkwood, of Hillcrest Drive, and 22-year-old Baird appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court this week and pled guilty to one charge each.

The court heard that two young women had met Baird following a night out in Irvine, when he invited them back to his house for a party.

The women agreed as long as they were allowed to invite some of their own friends.

But when they arrived at the party, Baird changed his mind and said that he didn’t want anyone else there.

At this point one of the women contacted her boyfriend to come and get her.

The court heard that the boyfriend and his two friends, who had all been drinking, expected there to be some form of confrontation with Baird at the address.

The boyfriend and his friends arrived in a taxi at about 4.50am and all were met by a group of males - not the two accused - who had armed themselves with bottles.

The Procurator Fiscal told the court that it was unclear who these men were.

A fight broke out in the garden area. Baird then appeared at his front doorstep holding a rifle.

He held it up and pointed it at all who were in the front garden. They were all alarmed by his actions.

At this point the taxi driver drove off.

The fight continued and the young woman’s boyfriend witnessed a male, whom he now knew to be Kirkwood, punch one of his friends to the face causing him to fall to the ground.

The girls and the man who was assaulted managed to get out the street and were met by police, who had been called anonymously.

The trio told police they did not wish to make a complaint.

Officers attended at the property and Baird’s air rifle was seized.

Later that day, the man who was assaulted attended Crosshouse Hospital and was diagnosed with a broken jaw.

He was admitted overnight and treated.

When questioned by police in relation to the rifle, Baird answered: “No comment.”

Sheriff Michael Hanlon called for a Criminal Justice Social Work Report and a Restriction of Liberty Assessment to be carried on both accused.

He added: “I think these matters are quite serious.”

Baird and Kirkwood were bailed until October 5.