A MUM whose teenage daughter suffered at the hands of bullies wants parents and schools to work together to stamp out bullying, which she says “is rife everywhere”.

It was reported a few months ago, Lynn Paterson’s 13-year-old child was tormented by cruel cyberbullies who sent vile abuse through online app Saraha.

But Lynn’s daughter, a pupil at St Matthew’s Academy, then received more abuse from a bully at her school.

Lynn claims that the bully’s mother found out about the taunting and contacted the school because she was concerned that Lynn’s daughter might harm herself.

Thankfully, the cruel taunts recently subsided but Lynn believes that those in authority should work together to tackle bullying.

She said: “They can do more by involving parents, teachers and the pupils. Bullying is rife everywhere.

“It’s alright giving out a couple of leaflets. They need to ban mobiles in the classrooms. That’s how they communicate with each other now. When it comes to bullying, take it more serious.

“Parents need to take more responsibility but the schools need to take responsibility as well. Have a better mediation happen, have the parents involved.

“I would like to try and get as many parents involved and more aware of their kids’ activities whether bullying or being bullied. We can’t really stop kids going online but I’ve made mine aware they can’t change their passwords so I have access.

“I’ve got my daughter’s [computer] password so I’m trying to keep her as safe as I can. If she changes her password she’s grounded.”

Lynn was concerned at how the school handled the previous bullying of her daughter but hopes that teachers, parents and pupils can now work together to tackle the problem in future.

Lynn said: “I have never had a chance to have a meeting with the school to include the bullies and parents to mediate. They have just said they wanted the children to mediate which hasn’t happened. This was before the summer holidays.