Angry Girdle Toll residents were left in darkness for two weeks because of a street light failure.

Some said they feared for their safety after Burns Crescent was left without lighting due to a Scottish Power fault.

The fault was finally fixed on Monday, after local residents contacted the Times fearing someone could be attacked or hurt due to the lack of lighting.

Burns Crescent resident Beth Wylie said that when the problem began, neighbouring streets Bensley Avenue and Sourlie Terrace were also in darkness, but those streets had since had their lampposts repaired.

She said last week: “It’s quite concerning really. I mean the street is in complete darkness. It’s pitch black.

“When I drive into the street I am actually having to put my headlights on full beam so I can see.

“How long before someone gets jumped or even someone falls and really hurts themselves because they just can’t see?”

“This has been going on for almost two weeks and Scottish Power came out and had a look but they have said it’s North Ayrshire Council’s issue, not theirs.

“Bensley Avenue and Sourlie Terrace have both been fixed since, but our street is still in darkness and it’s worrying, especially now the nights are getting darker much earlier.

“I have a 14-year-old daughter and ever since the lights have been out we either go and meet her off the bus or we go and pick her up because I just don’t want her walking up the street by herself.

“It just doesn’t feel safe.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesman said on Tuesday: “We can confirm that Scottish Power have now repaired the fault on their electrical supply network and the lights in Burns Crescent have been restored to full working operation as a result.”