Kilwinning residents are raging at the continuously high number of lazy dog-owners leaving muck on the street.

Jackie Hamilton, chair of Kilwinning Community Council, says she thinks it’s a disgrace selfish offending dog owners keep getting away with it.

Jackie Hamilton said: “I think it is disgraceful and disgusting not to pick up the mess.

“The streets are for all of us and they should be safe places for children to play.

“I would say they are selfish and if they don’t tend to all parts of having a dog they shouldn’t have one.”

Complaints were made regarding lack of action against the problem at Kilwinning Community Council, with attendees saying there’s too much emphasis on education rather than enforcement.

There was also particular disgust at the increasing number of dog owners who put the mess in a bag but then leave it hanging from a tree or bush.

At the March meeting, Chair Jackie Hamilton said: “We had asked the enforcement officers along but they had to send their apologies. Hopefully they’re too busy out on the streets combating dog fouling.

“It would be worthwhile getting them along to talk to them about enforcement vs education. I think we can only do education for so long and then we need to see action, this is ridiculous.

She added: “A few folk have said about the people who actually pick their dog mess up in a bag and then hang the bag somewhere. Jeremy Vine did a section on it so it seems to be a big national problem.

“Someone said what they do is hang it on a bush when they go a walk, come back that way, pick it up and take it home.”

Community councillor Yvonne McLellan said: “Fair dos if they do it, but they don’t!”

Secretary Nairn McDonald said: “I don’t think enough people know that your dog’s mess can go in any bin, I think a lot of people think its just the red dog fouling bins, but it’s literally any bin”, adding “so don’t take it home.”

Councillor John Ferguson encouraged more residents to report repeat offenders to enforcement officers.

“You don’t have to give the dog’s name or the person’s name”, he said, “but dogs and dog owners have to be creatures of habit. If you notice something happening at a particular place at a particular time, simply give them a time, somebody will be there and it’ll cost them sixty quid.”

He advised residents against taking things into their own hands by filming offenders.

He said: “About taking photographs I’ve got tae warn you the dog situation is one where you can get real confrontation.

“The idea of being seen to be taking a picture of somebody like that, be prepared for real fireworks.”