POLICE have joined forces with pupils from an Irvine primary school to give drivers the red light.

Officers from Irvine police teamed up with kids from Woodlands Primary and Community Wardens to raise awareness on road safety.

Concerns over parked cars on Woodlands Avenue which runs directly outside the school have been ongoing for over a year.

This week pupils have been assessing the parking and giving a green signal and thumbs up to drivers parking correctly while others receive a red signal and are spoken to regarding their parking and how it may be improved.

On Friday, May 8 local police officers joined their Community Warden colleagues to work with pupils in assessing the speed of vehicles as they pass the school.

During the operation three drivers were warned regarding the speed of their vehicles.

PC Jason Peter, of Ayrshire Division, said: “We are committed to keeping people safe and to working with communities to address any concerns they may have.

“Local officers including the school’s Campus Police officer have been working with the school, the Local Authority roads department and Community Wardens to improve road safety around Woodlands Primary.

“During national road safety week we are taking the opportunity to highlight the work taking place throughout the year at schools in the area. As well as educating motorists about their speed and parking we aim to educate the children and give them an understanding of how we all have a part to play in road safety”.

For the last 12 months the Parent Council of Woodlands Primary have campaigned tirelessly to make the adjacent Woodlands Avenue safer for pupils after a spate of illegal parking.

Worried parents had been concerned for pupil safety after North Ayrshire Council made alterations to the road last year - much to the dismay of parents and residents alike.

A new road narrowing feature led to an increase in cars parking outside the school and on pavements.

But the parents’ hard work finally paid off after police announced they would taking a “zero tolerance” approach to illegal parking in the street.

The Times previously highlighted the Parent Council’s battle with North Ayrshire Council to alter the road further and since then, new zig-zag lines have been introduced in a bid to solve the problem.

In recent weeks representatives from the North Ayrshire Council Community Wardens Service have joined pupils to highlight good and bad parking towards the end of the school day.

Anyone with concerns regarding road safety at the school gates is encouraged to speak with the school or contact our local community policing teams by calling 101.