MAGNUM bosses have defended their decision to consider introducing new fibre optic broadband - despite the centre’s impending closure.

KA Leisure chiefs revealed this week that they are “exploring the possibility” of introducing fibre optic broadband to the Irvine centre.

But a spokesman was keen to stress that any purchase of new broadband is not part of a significant capital programme.

He said: “In order to maintain and enhance the company internal IT systems, we are currently exploring the possibility of increasing our capacity via enhanced fibre optic provision.

“If available - which is not yet certain - this will be on a one year contract basis.

“Increasing the fibre optic provision will be the most cost effective way for the company to update and maintain its IT systems to ensure that they are fit for purpose going forward.” The issue came to light at the most recent meeting of Irvine Community Council last Wednesday (June 3).

Members of the group once again voiced their bemusement as to why the Magnum operators would spend money on the centre when it is set for closure.

If it were to be installed, fibre optic broadband would be the centre’s latest investment in the last two years.

In December 2013, KA Leisure installed a five-a-side Astroturf pitch - another decision that baffled the community councillors.

But the pitch proved to be an overwhelming success resulting in over 45,000 more visits to the Magnum in the last year.

Its success will not be replicated in the new multi-million pound centre however as North Ayrshire Council revealed earlier this year that there are no plans to install a replacement pitch.

Undeterred by criticism, KA Leisure have been open about any further investment in the Magnum, stating they will continue to invest in the centre albeit on a limited scale.