A REMATCH is being demanded by Irvine boxer Ryan Collins after he missed out on title success on a frustrating night in Glasgow.

The Celtic Lightweight title showdown with Charlie Flynn ended in deadlock on Saturday.

This followed an accidental clash of heads early in the third round of a scheduled 10-round contest which resulted in the contest at the SSE Hydro being declared a technical draw.

The Irvine boxer escaped unscathed but Flynn suffered cuts to his head.

Collins told Sportscene: "This is the third time a fight I have been involved in has been stopped. Because the incident happened before the fourth round the fight had to be declared a draw. I thought it was progressing nicely it was tit-for-tat, I was catching him with a few good shots and he was catching me with a few good shots, it would be good if it had one on longer.

"It was a clash of heads, mine is OK. I leaned in and we just caught each other. That's just what can happen. We were planning for a major second half of the fight and were just testing each other out to see what it was like.

"My people will talk to his people and hopefully we will get a re-match by September, in time for the new season."

The Irvine Vineburgh boxer was happy with his performance and added: "In the first three rounds I didn't think he was anything special, he's not the strongest person I have fought. I would be really confident in a re-match and because of Charlie Flynn's profile my name is on his record and will be out there."

Collins, who has won 13 fights, drawn one and lost two, hopes to organise a fight in June in preparation for a possible re-match with the Newarthill boxer.

He was delighted with the support he received with 400 fans backing him in Glasgow and added: "You heard my supporters much more than Charlie's, it was as if I was the home favourite. I am gutted for the fans at the outcome considering they paid good money."

He was disappointed the bout was not televised live on TV owing to a schedule change and added: "I'm a bit gutted the fight wasn't live but on Sky Sports Facebook as the fans thought it was going to be and the fight was earlier than scheduled, but at least everyone got there on time."