AXED Irvine Meadow boss Ross Wilson has hit out at his treatment by the club today.
He suggested there were problems behind the scenes from the off.
Wilson said: "Early on in my Meadow career I was questioned about non-football matters. I was asked what a player was doing at home regarding his injury, you were questioned on why players were picked, asked about certain players not being at training, were they working, I was asked what I was doing about that. 
"I am the first to admit performances and results have not gone the way they should but I should have been getting a bit more support. I was leaving on a Saturday not knowing if I would get fruit or flowers."
He believes his position was under threat and said: "People from clubs other than Irvine Meadow were approached about the manager's job after the first league defeat, I was getting text messages. I knew it was not going to end well I am not a quitter and obviously I don't believe in making things easier for people. I wasn't going to walk away.
"With 20 games to go the results would have been better and we would have got there. Meadow are not reigning Super League champions but a mid-table team. Allowances have to made about the fact we had so many new signings
Meadow believed the job was too big for the manager.
But Wilson said: "It's a lot of nonsense to say the job was too big for me. I was employed to bring promotion to the club. We played five of the top six with four games away from home. The only promotion you get in October is in Scandinavia."
Wilson believes he will be blamed for Meadow's failings and said: "The club will make me a scapegoat for this season.
"Michael Wardrope and Gareth Turner did a great job last year with what they had. But if you look at their first 13 games and you take my first 13 into consideration we were in a better place. 
Wilson added if players were complaining about the team's performances they hadn't mentioned it to other players.