BATTLE lines will be drawn and brotherly love suspended for 90 minutes at Portland Park on Saturday.

Two of the Junior game's heavyweights - Troon and Irvine Meadow will clash in the Super First Division opener - with both teams being touted as title contenders.

In the red corner will be home midfielder Ross McCrea while taking his place in the blue corner is his brother Lee, who also plays in the middle of the park for Meadow.

Ross (21) is savouring the challenge and said: "We have never played together or against each other so it is going to be interesting to see who kicks the other one first! I am

really looking forward to the game and am going out to challenge Lee. I guess we're fighting to see who is the better brother and we will put our sibling ship on hold for 90 minutes. Our aim is to win the game. But if we lose he will never let me live it down. We would like to win the league but overall promotion is the goal, it would be nice if Troon and Irvine Meadow could both go up. He had the upper hand when we were younger and I was on the receiving end most of the time."

Lee (29) is in his second season at Meadow Park and he is looking forward to the game.

He said: "I'm confident about the game. Ross is very easy to wind up so I will be playing on that and I will get on with it as usual. I will have a target on his back and this will be the only time I allow people to kick him. At some point I'll make sure I come into contact with him and it should be a really good game."

Their parents Angela and George will be sitting on the fence but Ross said: "Possibly at Portland Park they will support Troon and at Meadow Park they will get behind Irvine Meadow."

Meadow manager Ross Wilson is looking forward to the match and has always underlined the league as being the most important competition.

He said: "My remit when I joined Irvine Meadow was promotion and we look forward to the start of the league campaign. Four teams have an opportunity go get automatic promotion. We are going out to to win the match as I'm sure Troon will also be. But leagues aren't decided in August but May so there's a long way to go.

"Like us Troon have a lot of new faces and it should be an interesting game, quite a few of the players know each other so that add something to it."