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Citroen C5 Aircross £23,230 - £32,730

Out of 10

The C5 Aircross is, according to its maker, 'the most comfortable SUV on the market'. Quite a claim, given that this isn't a large, luxury crossover but is targeted at family buyers currently considering volume mid-sized models in this class like Nissan's Qashqai and SEAT's Ateca. Citroen may be rather late to this party but at least it's trying to bring something new.

Our Ratings

Overall 71%
Handling 6/10
Comfort 9/10
Economy 8/10
Value 8/10
Build 6/10
Equipment 7/10
Performance 6/10
Depreciation 6/10
Insurance 7/10
Space 8/10
Styling 7/10
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