CONGRATULATIONS to Ayrshire trio The Wajahs for their win in last night's Viva Battle of the Bands.

All three bands who played on the night were excellent, with The Emmas pulling in a, how shall I put it, "exhuberant" crowd with their buckie and cider take on the old beat combo.

And The Culprits were very close to being named winners with a slick set which showed promise of better things to come.

However, The Wajahs overcame a few technical difficulties and a bit of a ear popping sound to win the day (or night I should say).

It was the variety of sounds that the trio made which swung it for me. Frontman Jamie has a cracking voice and the potential to be a true frontman.

A bit of tightening up on the writing front and their songwriting prowess and attitude should take them far, particularly bearing in mind they only played their first gig about a month ago.

Thanks again to Darren from Viva for having me onboard for a cracking night.

Onwards to the Stone Roses Experience later in the summer!