IT was a bit of a gutter when the lads from The Front were forced to call it a day a couple of months back.

Fortunately there hasn"t been too much moping around, with guitarist Arran McHarg and drummer Tommy Rodgers joining forces with former Alamolake frontman William O"Rourke to form The Effect.

The band are now on the look out for some low end to finish off the group. William told The Noise: 'We"ve started work in the studio in last couple of weeks and are already sounding amazing with infectious guitars and drum beats.

'Already the town is buzzin" with talk about us and we"re lookin to bring swagger and mayhem to the music scene.' 'We are on the lookout for a bassist for the band.' The band have cited their influence with bands ranging from Oasis, through The Libertines to The Clash.

Any bassists fancying a shout with the band should get in touch with them through