ROCKERS Attica Rage have been touted as one of the most exciting metal bands in the UK after a blistering show at one of the country"s top rock festivals.

And the lads will be hoping to continue on the crest of the wave as they release their first single this week.

The band, which features Kilwinning brothers Jonny Parr and Richie Rage in the line-up, were taking part in Metal Hammer and Hard Rock Hell"s Hammerfest held in Wales last month.

And despite being in a line up which featured massive names from the rock world like Saxon, Sepultura and Opeth, Attica were the one band on many fans" lips after the event.

On the festival"s official forum the group was regularly mentioned as the hottest new band to be playing at the event.

And many more saw them as simply being one of the best bands at Hammerfest.

One wrote: 'A few bands really stood out for me - Opeth, Alestorm, Skindred, Attica Rage and Saxon are the ones that immediately spring to mind!' Another added: 'Bands of the weekend for me were Sepultura and Attica Rage!' Guitarist Stephen Bell said: 'We were blown away by the turnout for such an early slot. Just shy of 900 according to Jonny. That was amazing!' The band release the single 'Dark City' through their own label Vanduara Records this week, the first release from their album 'Ruin Nation'.

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