WHAT a difference a few years make.

I first caught Attica Rage playing to what you might call a 'sparse' crowd in Largs about four years ago. It was no fault of theirs, after all, Largs is hardly a hotbed of rock "n" roll.

The band were excellent but lacked a certain spark which would make you think they would keep on for another four years let alone hit the heights.

Fast forward to Friday night and their headlining gig at the Cathouse - the first since wowing the crowds at Hammerfest.

From a decent local rock band, they have built up the confidence to truly be in control of both their music and the crowd.

Even songs which they had back at the first gig - "Back to the Old School" and "Contradiction" - sound so much denser, powerful and fresh. And the tunes from their "Ruin Nation" album are simply chocka with great riffs and memorable melodies.

And they deafen - possibly a nod to their heroes in Motorhead (who they finish with a fine cover of Overkill).

The biggest praise I can give is that I stopped thinking of them as a local band immediately. Not in a Lulu-accent u-turn as they don"t have any airs or graces.

Nope, Attica have just made the step up, that"s all.