IT"S been a quiet time for the lads in tribal rock titans Jiezuberband.

Having played a plethora of gigs and festivals during 08 the lads had taken some down time to work on new tracks and have recently been in the studio getting a rough shape to some songs.

However, a small spanner in the works has led to them running without a bassist as they come up to the key recording slot.

Frontman John Strachan got in touch with The Noise to fill us in on the new sounds he and his band are conjuring up, and gave a shout out for any potential bassists to get in touch.

'The new stuff is really eclectic, one of the tunes we are working on goes from rock to metal to a touch of riverdance!' he told us.

Not only that, but one track even tips the scales at a potentially humungous 26 minutes long....

'We"ll end up playing a gig with just that one song, "thanks and goodnight".' If you haven"t heard the band"s top prog efforts then check em out at

And any bassists willing to give it a bash should get in touch through the website or even contact The Noise where we can pass the message on.