IT'S a bit of a conundrum - how to maintain your band's Ayrshire identity while making it in the music world.

For many the only way to make it has been to all but relocate to the big city.

But could we see a new record label/fanzine being launched in Irvine next month end up doing for Ayrshire what the likes of Subpop records did for Seattle in the late 80s/early 90s?

Wrecked Chords Records and its sister fanzine "Primezine" will hopefully do just that, having sounded out a number of the area's hottest acts.

The likes of Irvine's Culann and Kilwinning's Colin Hunter and Tragic O'Hara are amongst an amazing line up for the launch of the label at the Harbour Arts Centre - to be held over two nights.

They will feature in the first edition of Primezine as well as on a free launch CD alongside a whole host of talented Ayrshire musicians.

Wrecked Chords' Jim Gibb told the Times: "The aim of the label is to develop the music scene across Ayrshire, to try and promote young bands and solo artists and to further develop a local audience. "We're a not for profit organisation, with a variety of young people involved in the label in areas such as music production, video editing, photography and web design.

"The hope is to create a network where acts can get regular gigs, recording sessions and promotion without having to rely on going to Glasgow. We've been involved in a series of events leading up to the launch and will be in the Z1 Youth Bar on 8th August, 7pm (with Tragic O'Hara, Jamie Clark and The Emmas) and will have an outdoor stage at the Marymass Festival at Irvine on 22nd August with Colin Hunter,Tragic O'Hara, Jamie Clark among others." As well as providing a launchpad in music distribution and publishing, the label and the Caley Centre also help provide cheap recording and practice space for young bands, with support from North Ayrshire Council.

Wrecked Chords Records launch at the Harbour Arts Centre on Friday August 28 and Saturday August 29.