Gala Bingo have teamed up with the renowned broadcasting service TVCatchup to launch a new online channel, Gala TV Accessible television on the go is a must in our digital age, which is why Gala Bingo's new partner is a hugely successful online TV provider, clocking up a massive four million viewers every month. The reason this leading UK provider is so popular is because of the variety and accessibility it delivers to its audience, offering millions of streamed programmes across 50 different channels.

Better still, it is available on laptops, computers, mobiles and tablets, making it a useful and invaluable TV companion making the provider an ideal partner for such a well-known brand like Gala Bingo.

As with all new TV channels, many are curious to know exactly what is on offer and what makes Gala TV different from other online channels. First and foremost, Gala TV broadcasts every single day of the week between 7pm and midnight, and will provide viewers with the latest exciting jackpots and up to date celebrity gossip. Furthermore, there will be a range of shows at different times throughout the evening that will help you plan your evening viewing with ease no matter where you are.

One of the most important shows airing is 'Newbie Nation'. This cleverly named programme is just what everyone new to Gala TV needs to see; showing from 7 – 8pm every night, it will help introduce you to fellow Gala Bingo fans and users, learn all the latest playing tips and, most importantly, have you feeling like part of the community in no time. Another programme that is on the list is 'On the BUZZER', shown between 10 and 11 pm. This show is sure to get you on the edge of your seats thanks to its interactive quiz – you can sit back and play on the go while learning about where the big Gala Bingo bonuses are happening.

In addition to the fabulous advice and celebrity news, there is also an all-star celeb cast of presenters that really gives Gala TV an edge within the online TV sector. Well known, household names like Charlie King from The Only Way is Essex and Strictly Come Dancing�s Alison Hammond are just two of the celebrity guests and presenters that are lined up for Gala Bingo's TV channel. These fresh, young, well known faces are a vital part of the package because they keep the channel exciting.

The introduction of Gala TV is yet another sign of how popular and in touch with its customers the UK's top bingo brand really is. This unique pairing of two online 'giants' further confirms that Gala are improving all the time, and are continuing to go from strength to strength. Having been nominated for several awards by the likes of WhichBingo, there is no doubt that this is the perfect time for Gala Bingo to break onto the online TV scene and reinforce what makes them such a beloved national favourite.