KILWINNING or Irvine could soon be beseiged by treasure hunters looking for the fabled Holy Grail, after historical revealations made by a local expert.

Archivist AJ Morton, known in the town for his Times Secret History column, stunned the archaeological community by declaring that Kilwinning should not have been over-looked in the search for treasure relating to the Knights Templar.

He explained that the massive number of properties in the area once owned by the group who were reported to possess the chalice said to have been used by Jesus during the Last Supper - a story brought back to the public attention through the smashhit novel and film The DaVinci Code.

But former actor AJ has hit out against some sources who have exaggerated his findings. He said he would "adore" Irvine and Kilwinning becoming historical tourist traps, but said he believed the Grail myth was "a fantasy".

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