IRVINE band Sonic Templars will be among those supporting Echobelly at Kilmarnock's Bakers, John Finnie Street, this Friday August 16.

The band will join One Last Secet and Tragic O Hara at the gig.

All three acts are known well, having played a multitude of gigs in recent times, in this area and beyond.

First up are One Last Secret, with their own brand of Rock Pop. They have achieved national radio and press coverage in recent times, topped the Ayrshire charts with their debut EP 'Hiding in Plain Sight', sold out at venues such as King Tuts, been nominated at the Scottish Variety Awards and have in their influences styles ranging from Eminem, to the Beatles and through to Crowded house. A wide range indeed, and they show this off best in their live performances.

Tragic O Hara's live shows have covered country, hiphop, blues, rock, seen him support the infamous Pete Doherty, Alabama 3, he blogs, shoots videos, creates artwork and more besides. The song 'Jump On', with the wonderful accompanying video, also starring one Colin Hunter, shows his talent off superbly. It is catchy, infectious, superbly written and will have you dancing along as soon as the riff hits.

Look him up on Youtube, there is a plethtora of his works to witness. A rare talent indeed.

Sonic Templars have been busy playing festivals all over Scotland, gigging non stop. Their sound harks back to such acts as Radiohead, Soundgarden, The Who, The Cult, to name but a few.

They play hard, loud, accomplished and they are captivating to watch live, seem on stage as though that is where they live, obviously love doing what they do and look/sound as if they have been doing it their entire lives.

If you like your music loud, riff laden, powerful, majestic, sleazy and 'balls out rocking' you shall find no fault in one of their shows. The tail end of 2013 is proving to be their time and it seems nothing is going to stop them getting bigger, and bigger.

The main: Echobelly first hit our charts in '93 with the single 'Bellyache', there followed a string of UK chart hits, a 1994 top ten album 'Everyone's got one', and the instantly recognisable 1995 smash of 'Great things'.

Two main influences of the band, Blondie and The Smiths, Morrissey himself being a fan, give to their polished, tight, melodic rock sound. The guitar work from Glenn Johansson, the swedish born songwriter, and the faultless vocals from Sonya Madan gel together effortlessly to create songs that are instantly recognisable slices Britpop and which won them fans the world over.

Sonya and Glenn have been recording recent works under the name of "Calm Of Zero" but return as Echobelly for an acoustic tour.