THE MOTHER of an Irvine woman who fell to her death from a Dubai skyscraper says she is convinced she was murdered by a powerful Emirati.

Two years to the day tragic Evelyn Clarke plunged from the sixth floor of an apartment building in Dubai, Maryann Clarke says she and husband Eddie are sure their daughter was chased and pushed to her death.

The stunning 28-year-old had been working in the United Arab Emirates as an air steward for Emirates Airlines for nine months when she died.

Evelyn was found dead on April 7 last year after her body was discovered outside an apartment complex in the rundown Bur Dubai area of the city miles away from where she lived - just hours after being happy and chatty while speaking to her parents on Skype.

It has been claimed by witnesses that moments before her death, Evelyn was seen running terrified and claimed someone was trying to kill her.

Despite witness testimony Dubai Police say there was no criminal involvement in her death.

Against all the odds her distraught family fought for justice for 18 months, but in October last year the Dubai authorities ruled Evelyn’s death a suicide.

And after the second anniversary of Evelyn’s death, Maryann, 56, of Caldon Road, has accused the Dubai authorities of hiding the truth.

She told the Times: “There is no doubt in my mind that Evelyn was murdered by someone very high up and powerful in Dubai. He has been someone very well connected, perhaps to the Royal Family.

“The police have CCTV where they can see him chasing her, yet they claim that it was a suicide. Rubbish. Evelyn had everything to live for. She was happy and looking forward to coming home the following week for her friend’s wedding.

“I have no idea who murdered my daughter but I know whoever he is, he is being protected and getting on with living his life, while our lives have been destroyed.” Maryann says she and Eddie, 61, have even travelled to Westminster and met with Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond but were told the British Government could do nothing.

She said: “We went down there and met with him and he just told us that Britain could not intervene in another country’s investigation. I just don’t believe that especially when it seems other countries can intervene in ours.

“The political parties have been knocking on doors recently asking who I am going to vote for and I have to laugh. Not one of them have been any use to us. Not the Scottish Government, or the British Government, so I won’t be voting for any of them because when you need them, they just aren’t there.” This week Maryann, Eddie and Evelyn’s brother Ryan will be marking the second anniversary of her death quietly with a few close friends and family and a visit to her graveside.

Maryann added: “We will be visiting Evelyn’s grave and laying flowers, but I am up there all the time so that will be nothing new.

“We will never get over this. You just have to try and cope with it. But to know we will never get answers just makes it all so much worse.”