A FED-UP mum says the play park next to her home has been “left to rot” and is demanding council chiefs take action.

Karen Wilson says the park behind her house in Clark Drive has fallen into complete disrepair and says there’s nowhere safe for her 10-year-old son, Ben, to play.

Karen says the equipment is falling apart and needs to be replaced.

She said: “It’s a disgrace how the park has been left to rot. My son would love to use it but it’s a mess and it’s not safe.” Karen has written to council chiefs and local MSP Margaret Burgess, who say there are no plans to replace or repair equipment in the park due to ‘lack of use’.

In a letter to Karen, Margaret Burgess, said: “At the moment the see-saw’s lack of movement is put down to lack of use and as such there are no plans to replace it at the moment or indeed any equipment at this site, however this may change as a review is about to be undertaken to identify the quality, provision and accessibility of the site.” Mrs Burgess said council chiefs had suggested Ben use the nearby play facility at Berry Drive, adding: “There are currently two other parks within the 800 metres required by North Ayrshire Council’s accessibility standards. These facilities are at Berry Drive and slightly further at Recreation Park.” But Karen says that’s too far for her son to go alone.

She said: “Our park is literally out the back door and I can see him playing from the window.

“The one they are suggesting he uses is at least an eight minute walk away. It might not seem far to them but in this day and age when kids are being kidnapped off the street or getting lost and vanishing, I am just not prepared to let him go that far without supervision.” A North Ayrshire Council spokesman said: “The council’s budget for the next three years, approved on December 2014, reflects the increasing budget constraints we are currently facing.

“The approved budget includes plans to reduce the number of play parks across North Ayrshire from 106 to 60 by 2017/18.

“We took the decision as part of our commitment to providing higher-quality, strategically- placed play facilities for all communities across North Ayrshire.

“A review of all existing equipped play facilities is currently underway to assess their quality and accessibility of provision. While there are no current plans to replace existing equipment in the Clark Drive play park, the facility is included in the North Ayrshire wide review."