LEE Carson is recognised as a highly influential figure on Minecraft - who even has his own merchandise range.

Under the username ‘L for Leeeeee’ and nicknames ‘Leematoad’ and ‘Lee Bear’, the teen is known throughout the world on the video game for his series of YouTube videos.

The game, which involves digging holes to collect blocks in a virtual landscape, has become a worldwide phenomenon and recognised as the third best-selling video game of all time.

Carson, now a registered sex offender, has become one of the most influential figures in the game which is used mainly by children and young adults.

On his social media platforms, the 16- year-old boasts about having six million views on his YouTube page where he posts videos about the game.

Almost 350,000 users subscribe to the page where Carson posts videos of he and other users playing Minecraft. Carson has a remarkable 217,000 followers on his ‘L for Leeeeee’ Twitter account and 40,000 likes on his Facebook page where he is described as being an “entertainer”.

He even has a range of ‘L for Leeeeee’ branded merchandise which can be bought from his European and American stores online.

Minecraft fanatics can buy t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats, phone cases and teddy bears emblazoned with his character logo.