A TEENAGER admitted terrorising two women by sending them a string of perverted Facebook messages.

Twisted Lee Carson sent the women, aged 18 and 52, a number of explicit messages and images between December 2013 and February 2014.

He committed his first offence when he was just 14.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard last week how Carson, now aged 16, repeatedly sent messages to the 18-year-old girl between December 28, 2013 and January 1, 2014 at an address in Irvine, a North Ayrshire secondary school and elsewhere.

On December 28, the victim received a friend request on Facebook from a ‘Michael Duffy’.

The following day, the woman received a private message from that account asking her to send him a picture but she refused to do so.

Over the next few days, she received repeated requests from the account which were all turned down.

On December 30, the depraved teenager continued to ask the girl for pictures before sending her an explicit image.

The court heard that the girl was “extremely alarmed” by this. Carson continued to send the girl sinister messages over the next few days stating that he had walked behind her in the street and she was unaware of his presence.

But all contact stopped when the complainer said she would be contacting the police.

She was said to be increasingly anxious about her personal safety and reported the matter to Irvine Police Office on March 24.

But Carson turned his attention to another innocent victim.

Between February 7-20, 2014, Carson caused the 52-year-old woman fear and alarm on various occasions at two separate addresses in Irvine, at a North Ayrshire secondary school and elsewhere.

Just like Carson’s other victim, the woman received a friend request from the ‘Michael Duffy’ account.

Thereafter she received no further contact until February 7 with a private message containing sexual comments.

Carson said he had taken a pair of the woman’s underwear, performed a sex act on them and then hid them in her bedroom.

The victim was disgusted by this comment and to her horror, discovered the underwear exactly as Carson claimed. She noted that these were previously in a washing basket and had not been removed.

The court heard that the woman received more messages on February 10 including a picture of a male exposing himself.

She, like the other victim was extremely alarmed by this and demanded to know who was behind the account.

But Carson simply replied “have you found your pants?” On February 24, the woman notified the ‘Michael Duffy’ account that she was contacting the police. The account was deleted not long afterwards.

The woman had placed the underwear in a plastic bag which were sent to a laboratory for DNA testing.

The court heard how a detective constable received reliable information that Carson was the person responsible for the offences.

On March 19, Carson attended Irvine Police Office where he was detained and interviewed by police.

It was during this time that Carson admitted using the account to speak to the woman and using her underpants.

Carson said the lewd acts gave him some sort of sexual gratification.

Following the interview, a DNA sample was taken from him which led to his identification. The procurator fiscal also revealed the details of a victim impact statement provided by the 52-year-old woman.

It revealed that the woman claimed that the ordeal had caused her to sign off work with depression. The woman stated she was “horrified” about what Carson had done.

She also believed it was important to point out that Carson is an avid user of Minecraft, a video game used by tens of millions of people across the world across the globe.

He is well-known across the world for his characters known as ‘L for Leeeeee’, ‘Leematoad’ or ‘Lee Bear’. Carson, who now lives in Neville Road, Bognor Regis, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty.

Upon hearing that Carson committed his first offence at 14, presiding Sheriff Shirley Foran responded: “Oh good grief.” His sentence was deferred until September in order to gather social work reports. Carson was granted bail and placed on the Sex Offender’s Register.