AN Irvine man claims he’s been banned from a supermarket after a row over labels.

Kenneth Day insists he was told to stay away from Irvine’s Asda following a disagreement with the store manager on Thursday, March 24.

The incident supposedly occurred after Kenneth was accused of removing a label from a reduced pizza and putting it on another item, an allegation he denies.

Kenneth, 36, was left fuming after claiming the manager was “aggressive” towards him during the incident.

The Ayr Road man then made a complaint to customer services about the man’s conduct.

But after returning to the shop the following Tuesday, Kenneth claims he was told by the manager he was now banned from the premises.

Speaking to the Times, Kenneth unsurprisingly is demanding Asda bosses make a u-turn and lift the ban.

He said: “I was in Asda on the Thursday and I shop there regularly.

“I was having a look in the reduced section, there was a member of staff putting new labels on the items.

“I put it back down and went to carry on shopping but suddenly the manager was up in my face pointing and waving.

“It turns out I had a value sticker stuck to my jumper and he was pointing and waving saying I was trying to cheat him, I did nothing of the kind.

“He was quite aggressive so I went to complain to the customer service desk about him.”

Kenneth added: “I came in a couple of days later and I got a tap on the shoulder from him.

“He told me I was banned from the store because of the incident. 

“I spoke to his superior on the phone and he wasn’t interested in my side of the story at all he just stuck by what his colleague said.

“I was angry about it and I told him I wasn’t leaving but I could see the security approaching.

“He’s basically went to get me banned because I made a complaint about him.

“I phoned up the head office to complain but I was passed around to different people and I ended up speaking to some manager in Govan."

A spokesperson from Asda said: “We always want to welcome customers into our stores, and asking them not to visit us is always a last resort.”

CLARIFICATION: We previously reported Mr Day's claims that he had an autistic son. We would like to clarify that this is Mr Day's stepson and he will not be affected by any ban imposed on Mr Day.