A man has admitted to shouting and swearing at police in Irvine and struggling violently with them after consuming two bottles of Buckfast and a bottle of rum.

Robert Low, of Lewis Wynd, Broomlands, represented himself at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to three charges.

The court heard that police were driving in their vehicle at around 3am on April 29 when they became aware of an incident.

They had a description of a male who was a suspect in an assault and they began to carry out an area search.  The officers were talking to a man on Annick Road when 27-year-old Low approached them.

They noted that he was hostile and was holding out his phone, appearing to be videoing them. 

When the police returned to their vehicle and began to drive off, Low shouted: “F****** p****s”, “F*** the polis” and “Get it f****** up yous”. 

The police stopped, got out the vehicle and informed Low that he was under arrest.

A sergeant and inspector attempted to handcuff him but Low tightened his muscles and resisted. 

When handcuffs were applied Low continued to resist, obstruct and hinder the two officers. 

Low was taken to Saltcoats Police Office and during a search, officers recovered two reefer-style cigarettes which proved positive for herbal cannabis. 

The court heard that Low was not cautioned and charged at that time as he was too heavily under the influence of alcohol. 

Low, who refused the offer of legal representation last week, told the court: “I was watching a video on my headphones. One of them [the officers] stated I look like someone and that they wanted to speak to me. 

“I asked them: ‘Where? When?’ and was told: ‘It’s not important, it’s not important’. 

“At this stage I became irate and the rest is history.”

When Sheriff Shirley Foran asked Low why he became irate, he told her: “I had had two bottles of Buckfast and a bottle of rum and I’d been up for 20 hours after driving from London. That’s what pushed me over the edge.”

Sheriff Foran asked Low: “That’s what pushed you over the edge? Not the two bottles of Buckfast and the bottle of rum?”

She then added: “That seems to be an attitude on your part by your record, Mr Low.

“I see anger issues, issues with aggression. 

“I’m going to get some background reports on you before I proceed.”

Sheriff Foran called for a Restriction of Liberty Assessment and a Criminal Justice Social Work Report to be carried out. 

Low was granted bail and will return to the court for sentencing next month.