THE father of missing Samuel Townsley says he fears "he has been murdered" - more than year after he vanished.

The 28-year-old, referred to as Sammy by friends and family, was last seen on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 in Union Street, Glasgow at around 9.30am.

Police are still appealing for information which could help trace missing Samuel.

His father William ,from Kilwinning, said last week: “In my honest opinion I think he has been murdered.

“I know my son better than anyone, we were close and he has never called me. I have had the same number for years and Sammy knows it off the top of his head and he has never called.”

“A couple of times, he attempted suicide but Sammy was the kind of person that he would shriek to do something, he never seemed to carry it through. It was a cry for help thing.

“I don’t think he had the bottle to jump in the Clyde and kill himself.”

“He was in prison numerous times so who do you meet in prison? He took drugs then stopped, then took drugs and stopped, so you don’t know if he owed money or stole something.

“The police have been in the River Clyde four times now with divers and there has been no trace.”

“My honest opinion is I think he has been murdered. Police can’t prove anything because there is no evidence. Their hands are tied as well.

“You don’t sleep, you are up at all hours and it is in your head 24/7.”

Chief Inspector Brian Shaw, said: “There is no evidence at this time which would suggest he has been the victim of crime. Clearly, there is a number of hypothesis which we have considered, criminality being one.

“We have been unable to unearth any shred of evidence which would take us towards that pathway. But we do consider that.”

“Samuel’s family are distraught by his disappearance and this is a very upsetting time for them. Although he isn’t always in regular contact with his family, he does eventually get in touch, however, they are extremely worried as a year has now passed without any contact from him, which is totally out of character.

“Despite the passage of time, we continue to carry out enquiries to trace him, and will follow up any sightings of Samuel. I would like to again appeal to anyone with any information on his whereabouts to contact Irvine Police Office via 101.”