A former Greenwood Academy pupil will once again appear on Robot Wars.

Jamie McHarg, who first got the taste for engineering after watching the original series, has once again appeared on the show with his repaired robot Coyote – which will air this Sunday.

The 29-year-old team captain, robot driver and creator (pictured second from the left) now works in Aberdeen after he attended Greenwood Academy from 1999 to 2005, where he spent many spare hours in the technical workshops building his first robots.

Jamie’s team designed and built Coyote, a 110kg fighting machine armed with clamping jaws and an electric chainsaw to enter the Robot Wars arena.

However Coyote needed a fair bit of work after taking a battering from rival robot Carbide when the previous series aired in April.

Jamie said: “We’ve tweaked the robot for this time round – overall it’s still mostly the same dimensions, but it looks a lot better on the outside.

“The performance of the robot last time was a bit disappointing on a personal level. It was very last minute in terms of getting it finished, we didn’t really have time to tweak it or test it to iron out any flaws. 

“So we felt we had a point to prove this time round - just to show we can make a robot that doesn’t just flop. So just glad to get back on the show again to try and give another account of ourselves.

“There was about five months to fix it and work was done over weekends in our spare time bit by bit.

“The chassis was all intact but the weapon got smashed up last time so the chassis we could work from in terms of upgrading components in there and then we had to get a whole new weapon assembly at the front made for it. So it was probably about three months to upgrade it.

“Coyote is armed with two weapons, on the front there’s a pair of clamping jaws kind of styled on the coyote animal so it’s almost like a front jaw.

“It is to grab opponents, get a good bite and then lift them off the ground and carry them around the arena so we can take them to the hazards, such as the flame pits or the spikes.

“It’s also got the chainsaw. Chainsaws weren’t really effective back in the original series, but a lot of robots nowadays are made from a plastic called HDPE which is the same stuff they make milk bottles from.

“It’s actually quite good for absorbing attacks from big spinning weapons, but also quite easy to cut with woodworking tools.”

Jamie previously told the Times: “It was actually that TV show that made me want to get into engineering.

“I started secondary school just after that so technical classes helped guide me along that path really.”

The latest series features thirty teams battling it out to take the title in the purpose-built bullet-proof Robot Wars arena in Glasgow, featuring the classic deadly house robots Dead Metal, Matilda, Shunt, and Sir Killalot.

Tune in to BBC2 at 8pm this Sunday, November 26 to see how the team get on.