Scots rocker Kyle Falconer has been blasted by airline Jet2 after his booze-fuelled plane rant led to a Glasgow flight being diverted last year.

The View frontman pleaded guilty to threatening and abusive behaviour onboard the Reus to Glasgow flight at Paisley Sheriff Court earlier this week.

His behaviour led to the aircraft having to be diverted to a French airport.

The diversion resulted in the airline incurring extra fuel costs and airport charges, and also led to a two hour delay for customers after French police had to board the aircraft to restrain and remove Mr Falconer.

The 30-year-old was hit with a hefty bill, which includes repaying for £14,000 in losses, as well as legal fees and a £1,000 court fine.

The ruling is the latest in a number of similar successful judgments that has been awarded against disruptive passengers, sending out a strong message that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Phil Ward, Managing Director of said: "We are delighted that Kyle Falconer has finally owned up to his actions, which caused an unacceptable level of distress to our customers and crew, as well as lengthy delays, after the flight was diverted to Nantes.

"As a family friendly airline carrying millions of holidaymakers, many of whom are families, we simply will not tolerate aggressive or abusive behaviour on our flights and we hope that this sends out a strong message that there will be serious consequences if you act in a disruptive or dangerous fashion onboard an aircraft.”

Jet2 has also banned Kyle Falconer for life following his outburst on the flight.