Darius Campbell has told how he almost died in Glasgow after drinking dirty water from the Thames for a charity advert. 

The former Pop Idol star sipped the water from a sewage outlet as he filmed a promo clip for his charity Fresh2O.

The video was to promote a bottle filter that could make the water safe- however, his bottle didn’t have a filter attached.

In an interview with the Sunday Post Darius says he fell into a coma and almost died.

Irvine Times:

He said: "I drank the water for the video and raised the funds but when I went to Glasgow to see my mum for her birthday I collapsed.

"It turned out I had a cerebral oedema where your brain swells bigger than your skull.

"My dad saved my life. He got me to hospital, they diagnosed it quickly. I had bacterial meningitis."

The incident, which happened in 2015, knocked Darius off his feet.

He added: "I was bed-bound for three months and picked up a new respect for what my parents went through."